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These processes bring back the unique appearance of heirloom prints. With FA-1 Sensitizer you can recreate authentic Van Dykes, Argyrotypes and Kallitypes or print onto t-shirts. Blueprints, also called Cyanotypes,
are easy to make with our Blueprint kit.

Brand: Rockland Colloid LLC Model: BK
Like Cyanotypes, Blueprint© makes a rich cyan blue. A transparency or drawing on clear plastic is laid over paper or cloth coated with blueprint solution. Sunlight (or a halogen bulb) exposes it, and running water is all that's needed to make it permanent. Makes 40 8x10's...
Brand: Rockland Colloid LLC Model: FA32
An all-in-one alternative sensitizer, FA-1 gives warm black images on paper and cloth. On paper, it can be used for a variety of classical processes including van Dykes (also called brownprints) and kallitypes (that resemble platinum prints.) On t-shirts, it gives a permanent image that does not sti..
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